Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Skulduggery Pleasant - book review

Skulduggery Pleasant is a great book written by Derek Landy. It is the first in the series. While you are reading the book you follow the story of Stephanie Edgley as she learns that there is another world inside her own. The story begins when Stephanie's uncle Gordon dies just after finishing one of his novels. Stephanie learns soon after about this strange new world when she is attacked by a mysterious creature looking for the key. While this creature is trying to kill Stephanie the doors of the house blow off and in comes Skulduggery Pleasant. Stephanie finds out about Skulduggery the dead Skeleton detective and becomes his partner to held find the sceptre of the ancients and stop Skulduggery's arch enemy Nefarian Serpine and save her world from the magical gods the Faceless Ones. Skulduggery Pleasant is a funny, horror, Sci - Fi. Abook that just wants you to keep reading. I suggest this book for advanced readers who enjoy a good book. I would rate it a seven out of ten and say I can't wait to read the next one.

By Harry and Matt

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Boy Who Lost His Face

The Boy Who Lost His Face is written by Louis Sachar. This book is about David Ballinger's life. It starts off when David is trying to impress the cool kids by helping to steal an old woman’s cane. when the boys took the cane David flipped the old lady off and she put a curse on him "Your Doppelganger will regurgitate on your soul!” David first thought this was nothing but when he was going through his everyday life everything that the boys did to the old lady started happening to him. When David asks for her too take the curse off him she demands her cane back. If you want too know what happened in the rest of the book you have too read the book. Overall I would rate this book a six out of ten. It wasn't as good as previous Louis Sachar books I've read but I would recommend it for people who like reading chapter books that aren't to long.

By Harry and Matt

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goldilocks and the three bears third person

Goldilocks and the three bears in Third person
One not so sunny day three bears went for a drive into the city for baby bear’s birthday ; he was turning seven. They left their house door unlocked because let’s face it there is no one in the woods in the pouring rain. So off they went in the heavy rain into the city.
A young girl called Goldilocks watched the three bears leave their house. She was a young fourteen year old homeless girl who was a little on the fat side. She knew they would have food and shelter in there. She tried the door it was unlocked so she went inside.
On the table there were three plates of egg and bacon with hash browns on the side. Goldilocks went to the first one, she ate it all up. Then she went to the second one and tried it. It was too cold but she ate it anyway. Then she went to the last one. It was HUGE- it was double the size of the other two and had a piece of chocolate cake with “happy birthday” on it. After she ate all the food on the table she got thirsty so she decided to go find a drink. There was only a liter of orange juice so she drank it all.
At this time she started getting a bit tired so she went to find somewhere to sit down. She went into the room next to the kitchen. There were three chairs; one was a black leather chair, another one was a white sheepskin chair and the last one was a brown lazyboy chair. She sat on the leather chair, it started creaking and then, “SNAP!” It broke! She got up and then sat on the sheepskin chair. It broke as soon she sat on it. Then she sat on the last one, it was too hard so she went up stairs to find a bed.
She slowly made her way up the stairs and checked the first room. There was nothing in there except some ugly old pool table. She checked in the next room. Here there were a double bed and a bunk bed. She climbed to the top of the bunk bed, it collapsed and she hurt her head so she tried the double bed and it was nice and comfy. She soon fell asleep.
Two hours after they left, the three bears arrived back home. When they went inside they saw all the damage that had been done. “Someone has eaten all my breakfast!” cried baby bear. “And someone has drank all our orange juice!” yelled papa bear. “And someone has broken all our chairs!!!” roared mama bear. They went upstairs after that and checked in their bedroom to see if anything had been stolen. Here they found a fat blonde girl sleeping in their bed.
The three bears crowded round the fat girl and waited for her to wake up. When Goldilocks opened her eyes she saw three pairs of eyes staring down at her.
“Help! Help!!” she screamed all the way down the stairs and out the door and very deep into the forest.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goldilocks and the three bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

“I was walking through the deserted woods one day minding my own business when I saw this strange little hut in the middle of nowhere I went to the door and knocked on it. “Hello is anyone in there?” I yelled there was no reply. So I thought to myself if no one is in there I could go inside. When I went inside there were three bowls of this runny grey stuff. It didn’t look nice but I was hungry, so I thought why not? The first bowl was nice but it was way too hot so I threw it out. The second bowl tasted like gravel in milk so I put the gravel back outside. The third bowl was the right temperature and didn’t taste like gravel so I ate it all. After I ate I got quite thirsty so I went into the kitchen and got myself a glass of coke. After I got my coke I took it into the next room where there were three chairs. I sat in the first chair it was way too hard and hurt when I sat on it. The second chair was too ugly so I decided not to sit on it. The third chair was nice and soft but when I went to sit on it I accidentally spilt my coke on it and it got all wet and I wasn’t going to sit on a wet chair! By then I was getting quite tired so I went to find a bed. I went up stairs and looked in the first room nothing. Then I went into the next room there were three beds. I went to lie on the bed it was soft but it was way too ugly. The bed next to it was way too big and way too ugly and just looked yuck. The third bed looked quite plain but it was soft and it would do. I lay down on the bed and decided to take a quick nap. I was dreaming about this nice chocolate cake when I heard all this shouting down stairs that woke me up. I decided to take a look downstairs to see who was down there. When I went downstairs there were three talking beds. The mama bear was hitting the papa bear and yelling at the baby bear. Then it all went quite and they started looking at me. Then the mama bear started roaring straight into my face. “You eat our food, ruin our chairs, sleep in our beds, then you come down here and just stand there! Who do you think you are!?” “I’m Goldilocks” I said. This caused a huge uproar in the bear family. While they were yelling and fighting between themselves I walked out of their house and ran all the way home. When I got home I told mum everything that had happened. She said I was nuts and she sent me here.” Goldilocks said to her psychiatrist.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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