Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goldilocks and the three bears third person

Goldilocks and the three bears in Third person
One not so sunny day three bears went for a drive into the city for baby bear’s birthday ; he was turning seven. They left their house door unlocked because let’s face it there is no one in the woods in the pouring rain. So off they went in the heavy rain into the city.
A young girl called Goldilocks watched the three bears leave their house. She was a young fourteen year old homeless girl who was a little on the fat side. She knew they would have food and shelter in there. She tried the door it was unlocked so she went inside.
On the table there were three plates of egg and bacon with hash browns on the side. Goldilocks went to the first one, she ate it all up. Then she went to the second one and tried it. It was too cold but she ate it anyway. Then she went to the last one. It was HUGE- it was double the size of the other two and had a piece of chocolate cake with “happy birthday” on it. After she ate all the food on the table she got thirsty so she decided to go find a drink. There was only a liter of orange juice so she drank it all.
At this time she started getting a bit tired so she went to find somewhere to sit down. She went into the room next to the kitchen. There were three chairs; one was a black leather chair, another one was a white sheepskin chair and the last one was a brown lazyboy chair. She sat on the leather chair, it started creaking and then, “SNAP!” It broke! She got up and then sat on the sheepskin chair. It broke as soon she sat on it. Then she sat on the last one, it was too hard so she went up stairs to find a bed.
She slowly made her way up the stairs and checked the first room. There was nothing in there except some ugly old pool table. She checked in the next room. Here there were a double bed and a bunk bed. She climbed to the top of the bunk bed, it collapsed and she hurt her head so she tried the double bed and it was nice and comfy. She soon fell asleep.
Two hours after they left, the three bears arrived back home. When they went inside they saw all the damage that had been done. “Someone has eaten all my breakfast!” cried baby bear. “And someone has drank all our orange juice!” yelled papa bear. “And someone has broken all our chairs!!!” roared mama bear. They went upstairs after that and checked in their bedroom to see if anything had been stolen. Here they found a fat blonde girl sleeping in their bed.
The three bears crowded round the fat girl and waited for her to wake up. When Goldilocks opened her eyes she saw three pairs of eyes staring down at her.
“Help! Help!!” she screamed all the way down the stairs and out the door and very deep into the forest.

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